Divine and Human Recording

Divine and Human

Consciousness, Awareness, Feelings, Senses.

Being aware of the divine self inherently found within humanity is perhaps the most essential element in understanding and developing our consciousness. The ability to identify, welcome and connect with our deeper selves illumines our innermost qualities and deepens our understanding. By showing gratitude for all that we can accomplish when we align ourselves with this greater self, we can begin to meditate on the critical questions of who, what, why and how pertaining to our human experience. Doing so encourages us to make conscious decisions which are more reflective of who we truly are rather than following blindly what society dictates by way of expectation or conformity.

Divine Frequencies Recordings Creates an Ambiance of Love and Harmony, Helping You Feel More Peaceful and In Touch With Your Higher Self!

Divine and Human | Divine Frequencies

Divine & Human Personalized Recording

Develop a trusting relationship with yourself and deepen your connection to the divine within. Let my soulful vibrations open up new pathways of energy that bring peace, clarity, and an intimate understanding of who you are on a spiritual level. Embrace innocence, wonderment and uniqueness as part of this journey – savor what joys await when we fully accept ourselves for all our individual strengths.

Divine and Human Recordings

After listening to these recordings, you’ll feel energized for days with a sense of expansiveness radiating through your body.

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