Self-healing Mechanism

Self-healing Mechanism

The human body has an incredible self-healing mechanism, but few people understand how it works. By understanding frequencies and sound, we can access the body’s ability to spontaneously heal itself. Our biology is constantly in motion, radiating frequencies that create a harmonic balance between the mind, body and spirit. When we tap into frequencies and sound specifically designed to heal, we are able to synchronize with frequencies that restore our natural state of balance. This process creates an energy field in which the cellular structure releases toxins, negative thoughts or emotions and allows us to recharge with positive frequencies that result in clarity and well-being. Thus, taking advantage of our bodies’ natural self-healing ability not only improves physical health but also increases our mental acuity. So tune in to “Divine frequencies”, and let your body take the lead towards self-healing.

The Devine Frequencies Recordings Can Help Open Up Your Heart and Bring Joy, But it Can Also Provide a Deep Sense of Relaxation and Healing. Divine Frequencies offers Recordings to Cleanse, Restore and Revitalize Your Being!

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Your body is experiencing a unique and powerful transformation: micro swifts are working to upgrade your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Let them help you unlock greater health than ever before.

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Additional Benefits

Deep relaxation is an excellent way to restore balance and vitality within the body systems. After all, reducing stress, promoting lymph flow, improving circulation, promoting deeper and more profound sleep, and boosting the immune system have all proven to have a positive cascade of benefits in our physical, mental and emotional health. These effects are attributed to the secretion of “happy” hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. Furthermore, engaging in deep relaxation can help with relieving depression, headaches and migraines, digestive disorders, addiction, fatigue related conditions such as insomnia or joint pains. It also helps with emotional imbalances and strengthens the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

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Discover the soothing effect of the Divine Frequencies Recordings on your body and mind as it acts as an automatic relaxer for any stress you may be experiencing, allowing for re-centering and refreshed awareness.

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